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Prior to Evaluation Day

* Parents and/or clients provide copies of all previous evaluations, standardized testing, and grades.

* Parents and/or clients complete a questionnaire and rating scales.

* Teacher(s) complete rating scales regarding the client’s functioning.

* Evaluation appointment is set upon receipt of deposit.

* Forms and the deposit are returned to the Evaluation Center.

* Once forms and deposit are returned, a Brighton Evaluation Center will call to make an appointment.


Evaluation Day

* The primary evaluation is typically a full day of testing. Testing will begin at 8:00 AM.

* Parents sign a consent form and are interviewed by the psychologist and the associate to a psychologist (ATAP) for at least an hour prior to or at the beginning of the evaluation day.

* There is a lunch break from 11:30 – 12:30

* The evaluation day typically ends by 3:30 PM


Feedback Session Day

* This usually occurs within two to three weeks of the completed evaluation and lasts approximately one hour.

* Two copies of the written report will be available at the conference. The report will include the presenting problem, relevant history, test results, interpretations, and recommendations.